Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Big News Got Bigger

I Thought Mr. Riley Would Be
The Focus of My Blog Post Today.....
He had surgery yesterday (yes, THAT surgery) and is now an
official CONEHEAD while his incision heals.
Without this lovely Conehead accessory, he would have chewed the stitches out by now.
Oh, the answer to the question you have not asked....
NO, Riley does NOT like being a Conehead or looking like he belongs on a lamp!!!!!
And NO...Riley is not the center of the
BIGGEST NEWS or DRAMA at our house.....Read on...Read on....
Here Is Why You Should Believe Your Children
When They Repeatedly Tell You They Are In Pain!!!!
This morning's "Quick Trip To The Doctor" was anything but quick!
The plan was simple.... go to the 8am Orthopaedic Doctor so he could tell Megan that nothing was wrong with her foot... perhaps "Growing Pains" or a sore muscle....NOT!!!!!!
I would check her in to school late and be on with my day....NOT!!!!!!
(Ooops, I forgot, I am a mom, my best planned days are usually un-planned by someone else's needs!)
She hurt her foot 4 weeks ago but there was no swelling or bruising and it seemed to get better after Grandpa Hogie wrapped it in an Ace bandage.
(just to distract and/or appease her, we thought).
Off and on, she would complain of it hurting,
but it did not seem to be bad and did not keep her from her activities.
In her gentle way, she kept coming to me last week to say the pain was getting worse.
OK.... I made an appointment with the Doctor just to make sure there was nothing wild going on and to let her know I really believed that she was in pain.
Thank goodness we went today....Thank goodness for Health Insurance!!!!!!
Here Is Why You Should ALWAYS
Have Your Camera With You....
When your daughter is having her first CAST put on because on the top of her left foot,
there are 3 definite stress fractures and 1 smaller stress fracture...you want to distract her by taking a photo. You also want this documented for posterity.
(Not to mention for the Blog World documentation!)
She chose PINK!!!!!
And what goes with a CAST on your FOOT?????
What else....CRUTCHES!!!!!!
She will be wearing a cast for at least 6 weeks. No pressure on the foot, no movement, etc.
That means, MAYBE her cast will be off for Jeff and Alison's wedding in 7 weeks. If not.... I am sure we can get a BLUE cast to match the wedding party!!!!
For the record...
While all 3 of my boys were little....NO BROKEN bones, NO CASTS, CRUTCHES,etc. Jeffrey had a cast when he was 19 years old.
For as wild as the boys were, we managed to stay clear of major medical drama and emergency rooms.
The girls have them beat on all counts and they are still very young! Girls...this is not a contest....I will be happy if we never go to the hospital or Doctor for anything other than a Well-Check Up at Back To School.....really!!!!!


Carmen said...

Ha! That's kind of funny. She's a trooper. I've never had a boken bone (just multiple bone infections).

Bryan and Nea said...

I thought my mom was bad by not taking me to the doctor for almost 2 weeks when it was broken! Dont feel bad, I probably would have done the same thing. Now, by the time I had graduated HS, I had broken my feet/leg 5 times. Hope that doesnt ring true for your family!