Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Turn--All About ME!

Tag...I'm IT....
It's All About Me! (Not)
Often, I am "tagged" to share things about myself, tell how my husband and I met, etc.
Because I enjoy reading what others share when they are "tagged", I intend to share and then time gets away and...bam... I did not pass on the "tag".
One other slight challenge is that it is difficult to think of anything interesting to share about myself.
I would much rather focus someone else!
Yesterday, my friend, Cathi, who lives in California
(she should still live in Florida, in my opinion),
tagged me.
I said...that is it.... I will make a list, silly as it may be, and post it.
If you are reading this....YOU are tagged.
Come on...Play Tag..only if you want!
List 7 things about yourself that perhaps no one knows, then link to me.
Leave a Comment telling me if you have any of these things in common with me or if I am the only person on the planet with these quirks.
So here it goes... a list of bizarre, silly, and shallow things about me....
More than you would ever want to know....

1) The above picture gives a clue to one of my huge fears... I am "Math-Phobic" There is probably an official term for this phobia, but I am terrified to do anything with numbers, check books, prices, percents, averages, estimates, etc. Just don't ask...I may pass out!
2) Given an option, I always choose the Handicap Stall in a Public Restroom. I am convinced that it is the least used stall, therefore, contains less germs (no scientific proof, here). Plus, the large stall makes it easier on another fear...claustrophobia!!!! Of course, if there is some one who truly needs this stall, I don't tie it up.
3) I have not eaten a Mc Donald's French Fry in 7, yes SEVEN, years. Not because I don't like them, but because I LOVE them and was out of control eating them too many days per week.
4) I don't like to take the time to SPELLCHECK anything. I am always in a hurry and off to the next project. When I worked for Nintendo, that was the only thing my Area Manager could ever find to tell me to improve...make sure I spellcheck my memos. She only had to write it once and I always did to, or not!
5) I DO NOT LIKE CALL WAITING...I don't like using it and I don't like having it used on me. Just don't like it one bit. We have it so Ron or the kids can always get in touch with me.
6) I love the earth... no question about it. I believe we should all do our part to help the planet...however... I don't like to bother with RECYCLING. I don't like to walk out to my garage to put things in the bins. I don't like to sort and save things for Recycling. My household, however, does recycle. (They may not like me sharing this, but Ron and Andrew pick through the kitchen garbage behind me to fish out any recyclables-with them around, I don't have be over the top about recycling)
7) My wedding rings were stolen last year. They are irreplaceable, in my opinion. There is so much sentiment behind them.
8) I am afraid to put air in my car or bike tires. I just know they will explode on me at any given time!!!! I am over my past fear of filling the gas tank on my car!!!! I never learned how to put gas in a car until I was married. I lived in New Jersey as a teen and pumping your own gas was against the law at that time! I first started driving while living in Missouri and most gas stations were full serve or I did not drive enough to do much filling up.
9) Yes, I know the game says 7 (but Cathi wrote 8 and here I am at 9 and counting!!!!) The photo below gives a clue to another huge, silly fear I have..... Pillsbury (or any brand) Refrigerator Biscuit Cans...You know...the ones under pressure....the ones you have to hit on the side of your counter top for them to POP open. I am convinced that someday, the POP will be a serious explosion catapulting me across the room. Not because of this fear, but because they are not that good... I rarely , rarely use any of this refrigerated dough stuff.
10) The first time Ron kissed me, we were standing at my doorstep saying good night. My SKIRT fell off....yes... a wrap-around skirt...the ties just ripped and there went my skirt. I know that is not a secret, we have told this story so many times. We went so many months before our first kiss, I say he really made the first kiss memorable!!!!
11) Being the Major Party and Event Planner I am, I used to secretly want to plan my
OWN SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY! I am so over this one!
12) I have lived in 5 different states and attended 13 different schools.
Now that you know more about me than you ever wanted to know....Make up your own list of 7 (or more) things about yourself. Link to me. Leave a comment.
I am sure you are more interesting than I am.
If you read to this point..... WAKE UP now!
I realize that the above facts are very silly and shallow.
Mmmmm....If this was all I had to think or worry would be smooth sailing!!
So am I the only person on the planet with these quirks???
Tell me I am not!


love.boxes said...

We have lots of things in common.. except not the wedding ring thing. How did that happen. I'm so sorry.

Bryan and Nea said...

How sad about the dough. I live off of it. I have made so many recipes that call for it. My favorite part of making them is making the can "pop"! From now on, I will never be able to open one without thinking of you and a new fear of being thrown across the kitchen from an unexpected explosion! Now, I will have to think about my 7, or 9, or 11!

Jenni said...

I also live on fear of that POP from the cans. Even though I know it is coming and I brace myself for it, it gets me every time! Great list!

AMY_BELL - said...

This is great!'s sometimes hard to stay up to date on everyone's posts. This tagging stuff sure does get around quick. I hope life in sunny FL is treating you good :)

John and Katie said...

Remind me to tell you about the Blonde in California who had a can of Pillsbury biscuits pop open in the back seat of her car as she was preparing to drive home from the grocery store. A piece of flying dough hit her in the back of the head. When she heard thr "POP" she thought it was a gunshot & the impact was a bullet hitting her. She felt the dough and thought it was her brains.