Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Season For Bats

Last year, Curt and Carmen gave us an education about bats.
Until then I did not realize there is a season for bats and just how protected they are during that season. Because of their experience with bats in their own attic, we were able to deduce that last week, the chirps in our attic are not RATS, as we thought last season, they are BATS. The chirping has returned in FULL FORCE.

It is BAT MATERNITY SEASON in Florida (April 15-August 15) and it is going to be a noisy summer at our house. Lots of chirping coming from our attic area right over our kitchen.

We realize they have been there for at least 1, but maybe 2 seasons.
We were vigilantly treating our house and attic for RATS when we heard these sounds.
There was a little evidence of rats, but not enough to match the noises we were hearing.
We killed a few RATS last year and thought the RAT problem was gone.
Now we know... we do not have a RAT problem, we have a BAT problem.

We will call the Bat Man who helped us in our Wellington house when it is time to clean up and close off their entrance and exit area.

Happy Spring and Summer!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Skateboards and Scriptures

My life revolves around Seminary and I am fine with that.

As part of our "Love One Another" week, this morning, I prepared an activity that could have been really bad-out-of-control OR so memorable-amazing-awesome that I want to share with other youth leaders and teachers.

Thankfully, the later is the case and I am excited to share.
This is not my original idea.
I adapted it based on a human "Hungry Hungry Hippos" game/activity I saw posted on Facebook.

As much fun as this was, I am confident my students learned something in the process, which is the main goal.
I truly believe in working hard AND playing hard.
My students work hard every day. They are up at 5 am, or earlier, in Seminary class by 6, then off to school for a full day. After school, many of them are on to sports, band, lessons, homework, etc. Every school day, they give their best efforts. Today, we played as hard as they work.

Who knew that Skateboards and Scriptures would be such fun combination.

Click HERE for full details and instructions for this activity.
See below for photos of some of the fun ( to enlarge the photos, click on them):

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Ron drove his new car off the lot this evening.
It had 7 miles on it when he left.
 It has been a lot of back and forth but the final decision was a Toyota Avalon. 
Nice Nice Nice.
Finally purchasing a car was one the important details he needed to check off his list as he begins this exciting new business chapter in his life. 
So many blessings, so much to look forward to this year and beyond.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Morning

It was just Ron, Katherine, Megan, and me for Christmas Day this year. It was quiet, yet very nice.
We did not wake up until close to 9:30am.
Katherine is patiently waiting for Megan to join her and to go see what Santa brought.
 Here they are... ready for Christmas morning
 Ron's video camera is charged up
 First we open the stockings
 Time to open the gifts
 Ron wrapped these gifts with tinsel. Who cares what is inside? They are decorated with tinsel!
 The picture does not show how awesome this tie is. Go Gators.
 A warm fuzzy bathrobe for Katherine's upcoming college days.
 Make up and hair accessories!
 What is in this box?
 Bacon socks for Aunt Bacon
 Flair colored marker pens. She is in love!
 Score! In the background, note her Bacon calendar.
 Megan gave Ron the perfect gift...Ketchup...Heinz!
 She loves her bacon socks.
 The gift Megan wrapped for me with layers of boxes and tissue paper. At the very center, in a small box was my car keys. Glad I did not need to drive over night. It was hysterical.
 My large gift from Megan. I wondered where all the bows had gone and why they had been used up so quickly.
 Mmmmm let's get this open
 Note: I found GOLDEN PEARS wrapping paper
 These boots were made for walking and she walks a lot!
 These boots were made for snow....watch out college...here she comes!
 She loves the boots
 Opening her money tree!
 Counting up the dollars as she removes them from her money tree.
 Money tree and gift cards! Score!
 The money rolls from Katherine's tree
 Another Christmas season in the rear-view mirror. I told Katherine this was her last "childhood" Christmas. It is never the same when you come hom from college to  visit
 The bacon socks were a hit. I am sure they are going to school on her legs the first day back in January
 Later, Rudolph cooked breadfast for us!
 Rudolph prepared a breakfast feast.
 Thank you, Rudolph and team!
Merry Christmas 2014. This was a perfect end to a busy and beautiful season.