Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blast From The Past

Every Picture Tells A Story
Take A Trip With Me Down Memory Lane
April 22, 1984
At our house in Greenacres, FL
I am in the middle of sorting and scanning photos for Jeffrey and Alison's Wedding.
I came across this photo taken by my Grandma Inez.
She wrote this on the back....
Easter Sunday, April 22, 1984
Bishop Ron, Shauna, and La Dene.
This was the day Ron was Sustained as a Bishop of the West Palm Beach 1st Ward.
It was a Singles Ward that covered the West Palm Beach Stake Boundary.
I was Relief Society President at this time (ignore the was growing out of an experimental perm) and at this point knew a release was in the near future.
My Grandpa Nash and his wife, Grandma Inez were here visiting from Utah for this weekend.
When my parents found out that Ron was being sustained as Bishop this day, my mom flew down from New Jersey. Looking back, it is amazing she got a last minute flight to Florida from New Jersey on Easter Weekend.
This day was the beginning of many of the choicest experiences we have ever had as a family. The bonds we formed and the service opportunities will bless us eternally.

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