Friday, September 26, 2008

Charging My Battery

A Spiritual Feast
Fall and Spring are marked by two of my favorite events of all time....The Semi Annual LDS General Conference.
Tomorrow, The Relief Society General Broadcast for all Women is the appetizer for the spiritual feast..
General Conference seems to arrive just when I feel myself in
need of a Spiritual and Emotional Boost.
How blessed I feel to have access to each session of General Conference right in my own home via satellite, however, I enjoy viewing the Relief Society Broadcast with Sisters at my chapel. I look forward to the day my daughters and I will view The Relief Society Broadcast together. It will be a fun Girls Night Out.
We've come a long way from sitting in our chapel listening (with no video) to General Conference Broadcasts over a phone line.
One wish....I would love to see The Relief Society Broadcast (and YW in the Spring) held on the Friday night of General Conference Weekend. It would be one big weekend Spiritual Feast.
For those who travel to General Conference (like I do) it would make attending the Relief Society and or YW Broadcast possible.
Regardless of when it is, I am excited for The General Relief Society Broadcast tomorrow and General Conference next weekend.
Get ready...Get set... Charge! My Battery, that is.
Will you be watching The RS Broadcast at home or at your chapel?
Do you get excited for The Relief Society Broadcast?

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Cathi said...

I was feeling odd at the Women's Conference in 1981. Todd was born that night at 9:27. Thanks for reminding me that this weekend is conference. I had forgotten with my knee surgery and all.