Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reality Check

Reality Check....
Try "Teaching" your Eleven Year Old to do a Cartwheel...
Try Teaching ANYONE to do a
Cartwheel when your body just says NO....

All I can say is... I tried....
My body and my brain did not cooperate.
NO.... I not ASK for these photos to be taken...
However, when everyone around you is in
"Blog Mode". the camera just goes with the
territory...ALL territory.
For Certain...
Katherine is not cheering for my polished performance...
perhaps for my efforts.
Oh how I wish Katherine had even an ounce more athletic
prowess than her mom.
(Just an ounce would go sooo far, considering my lack of
skill in the athletic any age)
DNA and her Aspergers combine to make anything requiring
physical coordination a mountain for her to climb.
She is attending a 4 week Cheerleading Clinic. What most girls
learn and perfect in one session takes weeks and month for her
to "get"
Crazy as it sounds...I'll be back out in the front yard tonight...
With my sneakers on...
Cheering for Katherine and "demonstrating" Cartwheel Skills
I can only hope the camera is rolling IF I get it right..and
WHEN she gets it right.

Can you still do a cartwheel? Back Bend, Handstand, etc.
Could you ever?
Are you as athletic as I am (not)?
Note...the photo of Katherine....My neighbor's house in the background. She is a seasonal resident, hence...her Hurricane Shutters are closed on her side and back windows. Just thought I would point out the trendy Shutter Look. It is a better "look" than the original plywood we used to have anchored into the stucco for protecting windows, doors, and everyone inside.
Hopefully we NEVER have to use ours again.


linda said...

Oh you are brave...I would have fallen flat on my face. I've never been able to do a cartwheel for the life of me! How fun of you to give it a go!

Gardener said...

Good form Katherine! Proper arm formation is something that a lot of girls never get, no matter how much they practice. You look like a pro!

Lately I have been trying to teach Dragonfly how to do a cartwheel. Not easy. Yes, I can still do one, but I have done them so much in my previous life, that I probably will never forget (like riding a bike). I could still do a backhand spring before I got pregnant with Bumblebee. Maybe if I did some good stretching, I could still do it.

Good Luck with the cartwheels.

Nikolas, Emily, & Co. said...

Yeah Shauna, you go girl!!

I've thought a LOT about this stuff (cartwheels, back handsprings, handstands, back tucks, etc.) lately and wondered with great sadness if I'd still be able to do any of those things when my children are old enough to care... I'm out of shape and don't bend like a pretzel anymore. It's actually quite depressing to think I could flip, twist, and turn with no thought all my life and now I can only touch my toes! :)
If I was around and not a huge pregnant girl, I'd be more than happy to help Katherine out. Good luck!!

Nikolas, Emily, & Co. said...

p.s.- Nancy is right, Katherine's form is spot-on and most girls, even after years and years of cheering, never do perfect the high-V !

Jenni said...

but look at the wrap up, you ended it like a champ! i am really impressed that you tried this. my sistah is a gymnast!