Monday, December 8, 2008

Something Fun To Make

Round Coca Cola Bottles
Become Snowmen Ornaments

So Cute...
Round Coca Cola Bottles available only at WM in 3 different designs. Once you drink the Coke (YES!), you have an adorable round ball for creating a Christmas Ornament. Remove the sleeve label (it is removable by design),recycle the Coca Cola Bottles and make these Snowmen Ornaments.

I made these ornaments years ago out of clear glass balls, however, I like the idea of the plastic Coca Cola Bottles as far as the durability aspect. Not to mention the fact that I LOVE Coca Cola.
Fill the balls with iridescent snow flakes (1 bag from the dollar store goes a long way)
Decorate the felt snow man hat (available at Michael's OR if you can find colored socks, make stocking caps by cutting the tops of the socks, just make a slit in the toe of the sock for the tulle ribbon hanger to come through)
Make a small hole in the top of the hat for the tulle netting to come through.
Use a 10-12" long Piece of tulle netting to tie around the neck of the bottle, then place the hat on top of the head with and pull the netting through the slit on top.
Use puff paints for the eyes nose and mouth. Here is a tip....while painting the face and waiting for it to dry, rest the ornament on an empty egg carton.
Have you seen these Round Coca Cola Bottles?
Have you made an ornament out of them?
Thank You Coca Cola! This just makes me love you even more!

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Susancnw said...

YAY! I have three of these things sitting at home, waiting for an idea. Any suggestinos on what to do with the sleeves? I love those too.