Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gratitude For "The Question"

It is Sunday evening after a full weekend, one that included Stake Conference, a Youth Temple Trip, a Community Fitness Run/Walk, and finalizing plans for this upcoming weekend.

Because of our tight schedule all weekend, I was not excited about the hour drive to and from Stake Conference for Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. (This was on top of the 3 hour drive to and from the Orlando Temple-for Ron and Katherine)
Somehow, though, I managed to put myself in the proper frame of mind to be where I needed to be. Most importantly, I managed to PREPARE myself to be where I needed to be....

I will be forever grateful to Wendy Watson Nelson who shared the concept of "Taking A Question To Conference". I used this preparation for Stake Conference and.....MY QUESTION WAS ANSWERED. Loud-And-Clear.
Thank you, Wendy!

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Cathi said...

I do not miss the 3 hour drive to the Temple. Not at all.
Hooray for Fort Lauderdale!!