Thursday, November 26, 2009

Answered Prayers and My Thanksgiving Miracle

Thanksgiving Is My Favorite!
I always LIKED Thanksgiving, but in the past few years (4 to be exact), Thanksgiving has become my hands down favorite holiday.
The Thanksgiving of 2005 brought an answer to years of prayer and, in turn, this answer added blessings to my life that continue to multiply.
I was reminded of how aware The Lord is of me at every turn. He knew WHAT I needed and WHEN I needed it most.
In May, of 2005, The Lord prepared me for that the answer would come before the year was over.
I was sitting in Orlando at Time Out For Women and He let me know that my answer would come before the year was over (The prompting was so definite and I was scared yet peaceful at the same time. I did not want to believe it or dwell on the possibility)
Again, In July of 2005, without question, The Lord let me know that my prayers would be answered before the year was patient was the answer. There I was, driving down Redwood Road in Salt Lake after my Aunt's funeral and The Lord was telling me to be patient and the answer would come before the year was over. (after 25 years, I was used to being patient and not getting my hopes up)
In October 2005, just as we were leaving for a week long Cruise, the answer was in the works, but again, I did not want to believe it. By the end of October all the pieces of the puzzle had fallen into place... the answer came exactly how, when, where, and why it was needed.
By November of 2005, one of the most fervent prayers of my heart was answered beyond anything I could have every asked or hope for.
My life was changed forever...for the BETTER.
The Lord knew I may not make it another year without this answer. My family needed my focus. The distraction had become too much to bear. My negative thoughts and behaviors needed to be re-directed. I was falling apart in most every area of my life.
I needed a Miracle and a Miracle I received.
Just when I did not think I could hold on one more day...
The Lord took care of he ALWAYS does.
I almost forgot how much I was loved...almost. I almost forgot that The Lord ALWAYS takes care of us when we need it the most.
I was reminded, again, that the Lord's timing is perfect....absolutely perfect.

For this , I am THANKFUL every day,
yet at Thanksgiving, the gratitude is magnified.
To my husband and best friend, Ron,
Thank You for supporting me every step of that long journey...
EVERY step.
To my children, YOU are the best! The very BEST!
My life is more than I deserve, yet I am grateful for
every breath I take.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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