Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trading Places

I am getting excited for this weekend.
Jeff and Alison are coming down to our house from Gainesville for a wedding and we are heading to their house for Gator Band Alumni Weekend.
Ron and I are staying at their house and they are staying at ours....
In a last minute decision, the GIRLS are staying home with Jeff and Alison. They begged to stay with them and Jeff and Alison were fine with the idea.
Mmmmmm Jeff and Alison will have OUR DOG, and OUR CHILDREN at OUR HOUSE. We will be alone in THEIR APARTMENT at a GATOR GAME!
Yep, Ron and I get to drive all the way up the Turnpike and back again with uninterrupted conversation and fewer stops at the each exit.
The weekend can't get here fast enough after the pace I have been keeping. Ron will believe for certain, that his wife is back (see posts below).

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