Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wednesday Off

Life has whizzed at a million miles per hour this past month. Today, I am THANKFUL that school is out tomorrow (Wednesday).
Recently, with PTA "stuff", days at the school have become a regular part of my routine. I feel blessed to be serving as PTA President at such an amazing school.
Today, my Board Members and I hosted "We Are Thankful For Our Teachers and Staff" desserts in the Teacher's Dining Room during lunch. I am truly thankful for each person at our school.
Yes, I know, Karen...still NO Carnival Pictures. Maybe I will catch my breath long enough to post some photos from the past weeks. I have written this many times....When Life Is Full Of "Bloggable" Moments and Thoughts-I Seem To Blog The Least.
I am excited for Thanksgiving ( I LOVE the season of giving Thanks!), yet equally excited to set up and decorate for Christmas.

I am gearing up for:
  • Andrew's MONTH-LONG Visit
  • Orlando Time Out For Women in March
  • School Golf Tournament in February
  • A New Calling (one I have had before and look forward to)

What Are You Gearing Up For?


Cathi said...

I've been so sick I haven't been able to think too far ahead. I can say we're having Thanksgiving at our house tomorrow but beyond that...
Hey! The teacher appreciation lunch?
Did they ever get that freezer door fixed??
Hugs Shauna!!

KYoho said...

you are such a busy lady. Oh, and I wanted to tell you that I attended the first TOFW in Salt Lake City a couple weeks ago. It was amazing, and I hope to go every year. Make sure my mom goes to the one in Orlando!