Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fourth Grade Report

Megan's teacher stopped me in the hallway today with an exciting report.
She told me about a project they were working on in class last week which involved reading words/language in "Old English" type, such as thee and thou.
She said the class was struggling to understand what they were reading, but Megan raised her hand and said that what they were reading was easy for her to understand and that she reads this type of language all the time. Her teacher asked her if she reads the Bible and Megan told her, yes, almost every day with my family.
Her teacher told me that she was so happy to know that some families still read The Bible together.
Now THAT is the type of report a parent likes to hear from their child's school teacher.

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Charlene said...

Very cute! Erica shared the Plan of Salvation with her history class this week. Ya never know...