Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Year Of Santa Firsts

Today was our Annual Santa Visit.
We always go to The Gardens Mall where the REAL Santa is....However, this year was the FIRST year we did not make an entire day of our Santa Visit. Chalk it up to a crazy December combined with the fact that these little girls are not so little anymore!Note a HUGE FIRST...No Matching Outfits! A Total First for our Visit to Santa.
Other firsts...
We did not miss school for our Santa Day (Middle School exams sort of got in the way...)
No meeting Ron at his office to deliver homemade cookies..
No meeting Ron for lunch and our Santa Visit.
Instead...The girls chose their own outfits (within some guidelines) we went to The Gardens in the evening (LONG LONG LINE) after Ron was done with work. Ron ate dinner with the girls at the Food Court while I held our place in the LONG LONG LINE.
We did not SHOP until we dropped at The Gardens Mall (A Christmas Miracle-especially since I LOVE The Gardens Mall...There is NO COMPARING it the Wellington Mall...just NO COMPARISON)
So many firsts and so many things we did not do, yet it was a wonderful Visit to Santa. I feel some new traditions forming as the girls leave the "little girl" years in the dust.
So when and how did these little girls grow up so quickly?
It seems that last year I was pushing a double stroller with two excited little girls dressed in matching outfits....just last year, I am sure.


Erika said...

My Bella put a stop to matching outfits this year too (she's only 8). She just made it clear a couple of months ago that she does NOT like to match Julianne under any circumstances. Fortunately, the Christmas dresses they picked out just happened to coordinate. They have very different taste, so I think the matching is officially dead at our house.

KYoho said...

I agree,....the Gardens Mall is the way to go

Nancy Anderson said...

Yep, they grow up WAY too fast; I remember the double-stroller-around-Wellington days too. How was the Christmas surprise? Can't wait to hear about it! I haven't sent out cards yet...better get offline!