Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cruise Overload

For My Dear Readers, I Know...I Know...More Cruise Photos. When you travel with 16 people and have THIS MUCH fun..there are bound to be TONS of photos to document all the FUN.

Something I noted was that regardless of the time of day or location, the sky is always beautiful. This is the last glimpse of Miami in the background as we headed out to sea.
Then, we got down to business... finding the food, eating the food, enjoying the decorations near the food, etc. Food, Food, and more Food! After all...this was a CRUISE.
The fun part about travelling with a group... DINNER TIME together. We all did our "own things" all day, but when it was time for dinner, we at together.Alison and Jeffrey...they are THE party!
I am not certain what they were eating, but I know that the KIDS TABLE had much better service that the ADULT table....
This concludes my Day 1 Cruise Report. See posts below for additional Day 1 Photos. All I can say is this was a Christmas Day like no other I have ever experienced. I could get very used to Christmas on the High Seas!

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