Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nassau Moments

The Day After Christmas, aka Boxing Day is celebrated in a Big Way in The Bahamas. Here is one of the "floats" from the parade. These elaborate "floats" are actually worn by people as opposed to be pulled by a truck or car.
One of the most exciting experiences was Shopping at Nassau's Straw Market where EVERY PRICE is NOT set in stone. Katherine and I got our bargaining routine down using key words and phrases to let each other know if it was time to buy, walk away, or "I really want this" without letting the HIGH PRESSURE Vendors know.
Note the background behind Megan gives a glimpse inside the Open Air Straw Market.
In The Background, you can see the rows and rows of handbags. The Blue Tarp covered a "Store" that was closed for Boxing Day.
Any Designer-Name Brand can be found in the Straw Market (of course it is made and designed by someone in China and never the REAL designer) We got a nice "Coach" bag and a "D & G" wallet, plus some jewelry. Megan had a great time learning the art of bargaining. She got a necklace that started out at $20 for only $10 and I let her move in "on her own" as I watched the transaction.
Note the Shark Tooth Necklace on Megan! Apparently, it did not make it home, and I feel responsible. Anyone heading the the Nassau Straw Market soon, please, please, can I ask you to pick up another?
OK...this should be enough Cruise Reporting for today. I'll post date the next few entries so you have a break!

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