Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome Aboard

After A Long Night Around The World, Santa made one more stop to welcome us aboard our Cruise Ship. Katherine and Megan were quick to tell me he was "just an elf" as there was no way the Real Santa could be on our ship...after all, he was out all night and had been working for months...he was exhausted at this point (yes I was-but about now, I had a surge of energy!) This elf gave out very NICE gifts to every child who visited!
The ship was full of Gingerbread Creations and Christmas Decorations.
Here we are on the way to the upper deck to find lunch and prepare for departure. This photo prompted my final decision to commit to my FiftybyFifty Project....More on that later, but the blog is already up and running. It is private for a few more days.
Merry Christmas and Welcome Aboard!!!!!!

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