Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Monday, Monday

Today is a Monday with so much to be excited about.
  • The School Golf Tournament was PERFECT (unless you had a behind the scenes view like yours truly) Picture Perfect Weather, a HUGE attendance, and a lot of requests to make this an annual event. Of course I have many "notes to self" on how to make the event even perfect "behind the scenes" The $$ indicate a success, also! For the first ever attempt...I'll take it!
  • Today is the Pre-Sale Group Discount Deadline for Time Out For Women-Orlando. I am feeling energy and buzz from every corner of Florida!!!! FOUR more WEEKS until this amazing experience!
  • NOW...NOW...NOW, I can continue to get this house put back together. Painting starts this week, but there is still a lot I can do to clean up from the Floor Project. We are still living with our furniture in the GARAGE or UPSTAIRS. Choosing a PAINT COLOR was part of the delay.
  • NOW..NOW..NOW... I can put my Washer and Dryer back to work (they had a little time off last week) Oh and my won't know what happened this week!
  • exercise routine can be more routine!
  • In short. my house and my body are at the top of my list again. That is an exciting thought for a Monday morning!

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