Monday, February 1, 2010


This past weekend, my Note-Taking Skills were kept busy.
The entire state of Florida, along with Georgia and South Carolina, had Stake Conference.
Saturday Night, we met at our Stake Centers for our regular Adult Stake Conference Session. My parents spoke, and hands down, theirs were my favorite messages of the night (no bias here!)
Sunday, we had a Satellite Broadcast in our own Chapels.
The messages were fabulous, yet Sister Elaine Dalton gave my favorite message (I LOVE that woman) is my point....NOTE TAKING. I take notes on what the speakers are saying, but I also take notes on what the spirit is telling me to do as a result of what I am hearing in my heart. I write the thoughts and feelings I am having and I put these notes in parenthesis. Later, when I review my notes, I know what MY specific message was from that Conference, Presentation, Meeting, etc. I know this is the Spirit speaking to me via Personal Revelation. Often, my notes are very different from the words of the speaker.
Many times, when I go back to look at notes from various Conferences and Meetings, I may not always remember the exact messages of the speakers, but I always remember the feelings and thoughts I had when I read the notes in parenthesis.
Soooo, this morning, I have been reviewing the notes from this weekend. I wrote several notes to myself that I may have completely forgotten by today. Some of them were important items I need to do personally and some were items I need to discuss with Ron.
My review this morning was a testimony to Note Taking and Note Reviewing.
The past few years, I decided to take notes in a Hard Cover (Journal-type) book that I keep with my scriptures or in my Sunday Bag for easy access. This way, I am not wondering where my notes are or what to do with them after I record them.
Are you a Note Taker?
What do you do with your notes?
Sometimes, are your notes very different from what the Speaker is saying?

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Jen Thomas said...

Yes- I am a note taker, when I don't have little ones with me! This weekend I was able to go to both sessions without kids- so I was writing away!! I loved both sessions! I loved Sis Dalton's talk too, but I also really loved Elder Gibbons, and well all of them!! I take notes on what is being said, but also what I am feeling as well.. I have to go back and read them again so I can talk to Ken more about it when we talk next...