Monday, March 29, 2010

Aunt Minerva Teichert

My Great Aunt, Minerva Kolhepp Teichert, sister of my Great Grandma Marie Kohlhepp Nash is in the photo below. Aunt Minerva is known for her famous works of art and distinct style and colors. Click here and here to read more about her and see some of her art. She is known for her paintings depicting Book of Mormon stories as well as many other stories of the Latter Day Saint people.

Photo taken in 1915 at the Snake River just above the Railroad Crossing by the Brick House in American Fall, Idaho before the dam was built.
In this photo are Eda, Minerva, Sarah, and Annalee Kohlhepp
As a child, when I met Aunt Minerva, I had no idea I was meeting such an extraordinary woman who would leave a legacy, not only for her family, but the world.
I think this happens a lot. I meet an amazing person, but have no idea just how amazing they are.

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