Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom!
Enjoy these photos! Every picture tells a story!
"Doris Day" My dad recently referred to my mom as the "Doris Day" of their mission.
Graduation from Madison Junior High in South Salt Lake
Mom and her sister, Carol (this is one of my favorite pictures from their childhood)
The 100% Young Women of Burton Ward. They received the 100% award for attending all meetings and activities for one year. My mom is on the far left and my Aunt Carol is the 5th one from the left. Note my mom is one of two who are wearing nylon stockings and the other girls are wearing bobbie socks.
Wedding day, Salt Lake LDS Temple
Doris Day had nothing on my mom... she is gorgeous and sings like an angel.

My Grandma Whitaker with baby, Aunt Carol and my mom. I love this photo of my Grandma.
My Mom with her little sister, Carol and her dad, Fred Nash
My mom with her father
My mom with her two little brothers, Freddie and Lynn
As a Missionary in Sweden (my dad is on the far right)

Riding a camel (third from the left) in Egypt (or was is Israel?)
As a Baby...
Relief Society President (this was her 2nd of 3 times serving as RS President) in Short Hills, New Jersey Ward with Counselors Marge Richardson and Becky Layton.
With family at Grandpa Nash's house
Mom, Freddie, and Carol
Mom with her baby brother, Lynn

Mom at her sister, Carol's wedding to Uncle Robert Lund
Independence, Missouri- our family. My mom and dad, little sister, and two brothers.
Atlanta, Georgia. Mom and Dad, with my dad's mom, Grandma Hogie. My brothers, sister, sister-in-law, Ron, and our 3 boys. Now there are 15 Grandchildren, another son-in-law, and two Grand daughters-in-law.
Mom and dad with their 4 children
Mom and Dad

Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!


KYoho said...

She's a great lady, Happy Birthday to her!

Laurel said...

oh how i LOVE the Doris Day picture. Your dad was RIGHT.

tell your cute mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY