Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New News

New News:
  • I am now a Blackberry owner and user. Right now the phone is smarter than I am, but watch out when I "get it" I am already happy with the phone (just not thrilled about all the numbers I lost-hopefully I still have YOURS)
  • My friend Anne Gerwig WON the Runoff Election for the Village of Wellington Council Seat #2! Lots of hard work over the past months, but these last 2 weeks were especially intense. The key to winning yesterday was voter turnout and it happened! We had a fun celebration last night. (Living across the street from her opponent's campaign manager has made for some interesting neighborhood dynamics)
  • I am using my awesome Running Shoes from Fit2Run They are made by Mizuno and I love them. I highly recommend getting fitted for running shoes....LIFE CHANGING (as far as my perspective on running) Fit2 Run is based in FL, but I am sure there are similar stores near you. It is worth a few dollars more to have the gait/stride evaluation, etc.

  • ONE more day until Spring Break....Hooray Hooray Hooray. Goal for Spring Break...Wear Fresh Sunscreen (I got so sunburned using old out of date sunscreen last year) The Beach is definitely calling my name. Oh and then there is the Goal I NEED to focus on: Put house back together and get another layer of construction dust removed from my house (maybe)
  • RON is headed to Salt Lake for General Conference Weekend (aka a Bonding Weekend with Andrew) Still need to round up tickets, but I am confident they will appear (Andrew is involved, nuf said)

What is New News with you? What are your Spring Break Plans?

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