Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy To See Monday

All In A Weekend's Work

Friday Afternoon:

  • Popcorn Helper at The Middle School
  • Costco Run for Garage Sale Snack Sales and Dinner
  • Pricing the Mountains of Garage Sale STUFF in my Garage and Living Room (Thankfully, the Young Women had it sorted and organized) Bedtime was too close to midnight and sleep was restless just thinking about the morning ahead.


  • 5am Saturday Came Early...GARAGE SALE Time! (We had Mobs and Mobs of people...I am pretty sure my neighbors will petition the HOA to permanantly BAN Garage Sales. If this happens, I would not blame them one bit!)
  • Noon, the leftovers were packed up and shipped out-it felt so good to get all the stuff out of my house, life, etc.
  • 1pm- Money Counted (It was a HUGE HUGE Pile and yes, I admit, WORTH the hassles)
  • 3pm-Passed out for a "30 minute nap". Three HOURS later, I awoke from my coma.
  • Returned Tables to Church with Ron
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Ate a Turkey Sandwich on Rye with Ron....That was our HOT DATE for the weekend!
  • Prepped Lesson for Relief Society


  • Ward Council Early Sunday Morning
  • Taught Relief Society---Loved and needed this lesson (#7)
  • Prepared Dinner
  • Fed Missionaries
  • Katherine to Youth Fireside
  • Hung Pictures in stair well with Ron...another HOT DATE for the weekend
  • Checked E-mail, Answered E-mail

Somewhere in between all of this, the dog got a bath, the house got cleaned up, the garage got cleared out, the girsl went swimming, etc. etc. etc.

So Happy To See Monday!

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