Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just A Reminder

I Really Really REALLY DISLIKE Hosting Garage Sales, yet I remember that when they are over, I am happy with the $$ in my pocket and even MORE happy it is OVER.
I have said Never Again most every time I host a Garage Sale.
Tonight was the big
"Get Ready for the Young Women Garage Sale" MY DRIVEWAY! Yep, a Girls' Camp Fundraiser is happening at MY HOUSE this week!
We sorted lots and lots of STUFF (aka JUNK) and now my Garage looks like it is ready for the early Saturday Morning Garage Sale. It is one of our Quarterly Neighborhood Garage Sale dates this Saturday. The gates open at 7am and the place will be packed. If you live in the area...head my way...and arrive early! I have one of those neighborhoods with lots of GOOD JUNK.

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