Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lilfe Is Good

The LDS General Conference Messages were fabulous...they reinforced what I feel and see every day...families are under attack at all levels and from every angle. I am grateful for the blessing of hearing these messages from home. The very technology that is destroying families brings these messages to my living room via satellite (a similar comparison was made in one of the messages).
Monday morning found me re-watching General Conference (again, thank goodness for technology...DVR!) and evaluating several areas of our family life that need to be strengthened, monitored, tweaked, etc.
What was your favorite LDS General Conference Message?
I loved Elder Uchtdorf's message on Sunday morning.
My weekend included General Conference...celebrating my mom's Birthday...Easter...and eating tooooo much!
I made Raspberry Angel Food Cake ( a family tradition for as long as I can remember) for mom. It is super easy. Frost the cake (although Idid not frost it due to a dairy allergy in our group) with a topping made from Real Whipped Cream with a small jar of Raspberry preserves mixed in. Top with Fresh or Frozen Raspberries.

Could Megan look any more excited to be dying Easter Eggs? I think she was just very focused!

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