Thursday, May 20, 2010

BYU Womens Conference At Home

I enjoyed re-watching Julie Beck's BYU Womens Conference 2010 Message last night. I watched it TWICE and got something new both times.

Thankfully, my DVR is set to record ALL BYU Women's Confernce Messages (past and present) This morning, I have been enjoying the message from The General Young Women Presidency. Sister Elaine Dalton (one of my personal heroes), Sister Mary Cook and Sister Anne Dibb.
Whenever you can....VIEW and/or READ this message. Especially Sister Cook's message on Modesty and Sister Dalton's message on VIRTUE.
Girls Camp I come!
I recieved an email from BYU Women's Conference Committee that the transcripts will be available later this summer (DO I HAVE TO WAIT???)
For now, I will take notes, watch, watch, watch, and LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN to these amazing messages.
Yes, paying for Satellite TV and DVR is WORTH every penny. We consider taking this out of our budget sometimes, but lately, I realize there are many other things to do without before this!

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