Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Driven And An Unexpected Message

How do you know the perfect Father's Day Gift for your father?
Which, in turn, has an unexpected benefit for YOU?
Well...for me, the answer goes like this:
While visiting Utah last week, I made MANY visits to Deseret Book (you MUST check out their new Flagship Store in Downtown Salt Lake!
More on this later!)
On one of those visits, I purchased the book,
Driven An Autobiography by Larry H Miller with
Doug Robinson.
Within a few minutes, there was an e-mail alert on my Blackberry.
The email was from my dad asking me to pick up the new book about Larry H Miller!
I replied....Done!

Now here there are TWO UNEXPECTED BENEFITS of this Father's Day gift:

1) I read and LOVED this book (even read it in front of my dad-so no surprises from this direction). Seriously LOVED it. I did not realize how far- reaching Larry H Miller's influence was because he came on to the scene in Utah the year Ron and I left Salt Lake. I knew of SOME of his projects, however, I had NO CLUE how many corners of Utah (no pun intended) Larry touched and changed FOR THE BETTER. I totally "get" this man. I understand him and adore his wife, Gail.

2) My Project 50/50 is back on the front burner..not because I am now home but because of this message Larry did NOT print, but I got.....LOUD AND CLEAR: If Larry's health had been better...HE WOULD STILL BE AROUND CHANGING AND TOUCHING LIVES. Please note that I gleaned many uplifting messages from this book, however, the one about health was very unexpected, yet timely for me.
I got the message so clearly that yesterday, I went to my Doctor and today I am having some Blood Work and Tests.
I recommend reading this book even if you are not a sports fan,
don't live in Utah, are not a Mormon, are not a man, etc.
I will be a better person after you read this book.
Have you read this????
What are you getting your dad for Father's Day???

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Anonymous said...

Im reading it now.. what an amazing man!