Sunday, May 16, 2010

On My List

The next three weeks are going to fly by.
School is almost over,which means there is something going on EVERYDAY to close out the year or to welcome the summer. Seriously, something big every day...
Some of the highlights of my TO DO List are:
  • Speak at Faculty Meeting (Monday).
  • Complete 2010-2011 Calendar Planning with my PTA Board (we are almost done) Do you know what it is like to get 9 women focused on an intense task for one day???? Try TWO full days???? I work with AMAZING women
  • Volunteer Appreciation Lunch (Speak, Help Set Up and Decorate, Provide and Prepare Chocolate Fountain for Dessert)
  • Finalize Ward Memorial Day Picnic Plans (The Biggest Bash of the year for our pressure there. Thankfully, there is a Blueprint to follow from many years of success)
  • Finalize Girls Camp Plans (We leave in FOUR Weeks!!!!) including all the Pre-Camp Certification.
  • Decide when the best time for Megan and Riley to go to Jeff and Alison's house for summer. She is so excited!
  • Find and Purchase plane tickets for Katherine to go to Retreat For Girls in Utah in July.
  • Help Girls make Teacher Appreciation Gifts.
  • Fifth Grade Party (Speak, Smile, and Wave)
  • PTA General Assembly Meeting and Awards Night (Speak, Smile, Wave
  • Senior Stars Graduation Night at Church
  • Wellington High School Graduation and all the Open Houses, Festivities, Cards to send, Gifts to wrap, etc. that go with Graduation Week for many people you love.
  • Fourth Grade (Megan's Class) Party to celebrate the end of "Phantom Tollbooth"
  • Provide letters of documentation or recommendation for students who gave Community Service to School or Church.

In the middle of all this, the following happens:

  • I am a wife and mother first
  • I must exercise and eat right daily
  • Scripture Study
  • Daily Prayer
  • Catch up on blogging
  • Clean my house (not just maintain, but make progress)
  • Watch Julie Beck's BYU Womens Conference 2010 Address on BYU TV Wednesday night at 9pm EST. The DVR is already set to record!
  • Get my hair colored
  • Get my nails done

I wrote the above by memory...I am afraid to look at what else is written down....And all of this before June arrives.... I think it looks worse than it actually is...

Is Your "TO DO" List Long?
Is the end of the school year crazy for you?

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