Thursday, May 27, 2010


No, this is not a Political Commentary...
Visiting Teaching today turned in to Visiting Shopping at Nordstrom Shoe Sale....which reminded me of one (there are thousands) of my little quirks... (Not to mention the  fact that I LOVE shoes and a good sale all in one package!)
First, how did Visiting Teaching end up at Nordstrom? Long story, but my companion and I visit someone who works at Nordstrom so each month we meet her and take her to lunch at the Mall. Today, however, she was not available at the last minute...and since we were already there....and the Clearance Rack was LOADED with shoes...and our OTHER APPOINTMENT CANCELLED...we made sure the trip to the Mall was not wasted. (Tell me you would NOT do the very same thing under such circumstances)
For the shoes were purchased, it was not for lack of trying, but we just did not find our magic slippers today.
Now about my quirk...whenever possible, I try on the LEFT shoe vs the RIGHT shoe that EVERYONE else has been trying on.
Today, however, it was not possible to cater to my quirk.  RIGHT shoes ONLY are on the Nordstrom Shoe Clearance Rack. After one deep breath, I was fine and the trying on RIGHT shoes began in earnest.
I just wish I had found the RIGHT pair for me.

Soooo is this quirky or what?
Do you love a great shoe sale?

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