Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Friday

Final Girls Camp Preparations are in HIGH GEAR!
  • The Calendar Days are all marked off. Megan has been counting the Months, Weeks, Days, Hours and Minutes until she gets to go stay with Jeff and Alison for a few weeks this summer. She is packed and ready to leave tomorrow morning with an excitement level that would make one think she is going on a trip around the world ten times.
  • Megan completed the Amazing Week of  "Agrication" Camp today. It is one of the very best camp experiences any of my children have ever had. Every aspect of Agriculture is covered from Farming Vegetables, Farm animals, farming, farming, farming, etc.
  • Yesterday and Last Night, I had the Youth Camp Leaders (YCLs) come to my house for some Camp Preparation and Training. We did some major shopping as they were looking for last minute Camp related "stuff".
  • This morning, we all went to my favorite Beach...DuBois Beach Park.
  • Tomorrow, Ron and Megan meet Jeff and Alison in Orlando. I will make the final preparations for the Parent/Daughter Camp Meeting on Sunday, help Katherine pack, and just get the house in some sort of order for me to be gone for a week.
  • Ron and Riley will stay home and hold the fort down next week.
  • All of the above and I have been exercising every day. Every Day!

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