Saturday, June 19, 2010

Girls Camp Treasure Bags

During Camp last year, I noted a need for the girls to have a way to carry  their Camp Manual, Scriptures, Journal, Pens, Water Bottle, Daily Schedule, etc. with them. They also needed a place to keep all the fun things they receive at Devotionals, Tuck-In Time, etc.  I set out to find find a light weight pack that would not require the use of hands while hiking and participating in various activities. It needed to be something the girls would want to use and keep for years to come or even year round.The result to this solution...this amazing Day Pack, aka Camp Treasure Bag.
It is a simple black Day Pack (Purchased) with the Young Women Torch Logo monogrammed in Gold Thread. (I can have more made if anyone is interested) There is an outside zippered pocket and an inside zippered pocket.
On the back, I wrote each girls' name with Gold Permanent Marker Pen.
When I presented the packs to each girl, I suggested that this bag become her Camp Treasure Bag to store her Camp Manual and to be used for each year of Camp.
This was at PERFECT solution to the need for order and keeping things in good condition!
Another exciting benefit...The Girls LOVED them.
I am sure they will return to camp next year with their Treasure Bags.

Future plans: Each year, I would like to present the girls with a charm or zipper pull to hang on the Day Pack that relates to the Camp Theme or YW Values. My mind is already racing with the possibilities...

P.S. Another benefit...This was perfect for the 5 hour Drive to Camp. Space was limited and the girls had to pack light. This was the ideal size bag for "carry on" while their larger packs, bedrolls, etc. were packed away.


Michelle said...

hello -
i am very interested in doing this bag for our girls this year. you said you had extra - how many do you have? If you do not have enough for our girls camp, can you please give me more info on where you got this done. thank you so much!
michelle from idaho

Amy said...

Hi! I love this idea! where did you get the bags again? I think they are great! and I love the zipper pull idea too! email me with info if you can:
Thanks so much for sharing that idea!
amy formenti

Sharon Byrum said...

Me too, Me too!

Since it's several years later, I doubt you have extra. But I would love to get some made.