Monday, July 26, 2010


Katherine is home from a week at Retreat For Girls in Logan, UT
My heart is full of thanks to those who made this week possible.
Katherine and her friend, Sophie (also from Florida) at Retreat For Girls.
Retreat For Girls is a week-long Camp for LDS girls ages 12-15. The word "Retreat" is the perfect word to describe this program where girls have the opportunity to retreat from the daily pressures of the world and step in to a spiritual experience that builds their testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
When a girl leaves Retreat For Girls, her commitment to live closer to
Heavenly Father is strengthened because she knows that she is HIS daughter.

Coming from an area where there are few LDS Youth and the programs are not always what they should/can be, RFG is a blessing to my daughters and our entire family.

I did not attend RFG last week,
 in fact, I did not even fly to Utah to check her in to the program.
So how do I know all of this?????
Katherine has given me a play-by-play report of her AWESOME week.
And while she is talking, I FEEL the spirit she FELT.
It is part of her. She brought RFG home.

Next summer, Katherine AND Megan will attend Retreat For Girls.
In fact, the next few summers will be centered around making sure
RFG is part of our travels. (Just like Academy for Boys and Especially For Youth was part of every summer for our now grown boys)

In addition to my own daughters attending RFG, I will consistently share this program with Parents and Leaders of LDS Young Women ages 12-15 from all over the USA and Canada.
I would love to see every Young Women have this experience.

If you have a 12-15 year old daughter, get Retreat For Girls on your radar for NEXT Summer....RIGHT NOW. Yes, I am already talking about NEXT Summer.

Thank you to the Retreat For Girls Staff!!!!!!
Thank You!

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