Tuesday, July 20, 2010

She Is Off...Again

This week, Katherine flew out of Orlando for her second big adventure this summer. It is worth the hassle to have her fly in and out of Airports that are farther away from us so she has a Direct Flight.
It was fun to go to Orlando for the day and attend Church with my parents, have a WONDERFUL Sunday Meal from my mom, and play a spirited round of PHASE 10 before heading to the airport.
Katherine is attending Retreat For Girls in Utah.
Andrew picked her up from the Salt Lake Airport and got her checked in to the program the next day. After Andrew checked her in, he called to tell me how STRONG THE SPIRIT was just at check in and that he KNEW Katherine was in for a great experience this week.
He was so cute to take such good care of his little sister. Andrew's ability to interact with any one and any time is such a  blessing. Whether it is his 13 year old sister or his 80+ year old Great Uncle, he has a friend.
And me???? Still on the Tour....Three more cycle classes until the Yellow Jersey is MINE!

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