Sunday, August 15, 2010

In My Backyard

Megan Turned Eleven and Look What Showed Up In My Backyard!
The Two-Lane Curly Slide was a fabulous hit!
Hours and Hours of Fun and Laughs!
(Even when the circuit breaker blew and it deflated before the party!
Of course, when Ron came home, all was well!)
The Beach Cake with Sand al-a Graham Cracker Crumbs!
The Gummy Bears were enjoying a day at the Beach under their umbrellas
Here is the newest 11 year old!
She is now ADULT price at Golden Corral (her favorite restaurant)
Not just any "Hershey Bar" will do...
Megan wanted everyone to have a "fancy-wrapped chocolate bar"
We added the little umbrellas as an after thought
so everyone would have one like those on the cake.
And then there were the Cupcakes with "Sand"
and Beach-Going Gummy Bears!
After hours of fun, food, and laughs,
Megan was officially eleven and we were officially tired!

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KYoho said...

ok that beach cake and cupcakes are adorable, I haven't seen that idea before!!!