Friday, September 24, 2010

The Hissing Wall

We have had a "Hissing Wall"!
(And read to the end)
Seriously, our Dining Room wall was hissing. We were sure there was something leaking in the Bathroom on the other side of the hissing wall, but after much detective work by Megan, Katherine, Ron, and me, we determined the bathroom had nothing to do with the hissing. Wednesday night, we  actually pin-pointed the EXACT spot the hissing was coming from.
Why could it not be something EASY like a leak coming from the bathroom.
Ron cut a hole in the wall, YES, the freshly painted wall, and determined which pipe was hissing, but still no answer as to why the noise. We could not see any water leaking, but the hissing was loud.
We were afraid there was a leak in one of the pipes below the ground and that we were hearing the echo from something like that.
At that point, we had visions of ripping up the newly installed wood floor (why not, we just cut a hole in the freshly painted wall!)
That night, we determined that this was a job for a professional so we turned off the Hot Water Heaters along with the main water to the house...instantly, the hissing stopped. Yesterday, our plumber arrived and went through all the diagnostic motions we had been through the previous night.
He determined it was a part to the toilet and replaced it. (I was trying to not tell him how to do his job, but I knew this was not the fix!)
I said, have you turned the water back on? (only half way, ma'am)
Have you turned the HOT water heater back on? (no)
He turned everything on and...The Hissing returned in full force!
He asked if he could make the hole in the wall larger (sure...go ahead)
He had to remove the NEWLY INSTALLED base board and cut a larger hole.
In removing the baseboard, the mystery was solved!
The NAILS used when installing the baseboard had pierced a hole in one of the hot water pipes! It was a hissing wall waiting to happen!
So...he went to work to fix the pipe...almost.
He had some complications and will return this morning to complete the repair.
Simple? anything ever simple in my life?
Just for a memorable complication...
FACTOR this in...
I was at the height of preparing for a routine medical procedure,which requires my body to be completely cleaned out.
So there I was, trying to hide this fact from the plumber as I am drinking this gallon of icky stuff and running to the potty every 10 minutes. The potty has to be flushed using a bucket of water fetched from the pool, so Katherine and Megan are filling buckets and bringing them to me in my upstairs bathroom.
And of course, every time the plumber needs me to answer a question...I take off running after I answer him.
Then there is my dog, Riley, who loves the fact that the toilets are not quite empty...something stinky to sniff. I had to make sure the lid was down or he would explore.
It was quite the juggling act:
 Make it to the potty in time...answer plumbers questions...make sure there was enough water for flushing...drink more icky stuff...keep Riley away...tell the neighbor kids they cannot knock on the door any more today...
Yes, this was NOT a good time to have a hissing wall OR to have no water.
Now...I am waiting for the plumber to finish so I can take a real shower before my afternoon procedure.
After all, I want to be as clean on the outside as I am on the inside...literally.
Tonight, the hissing wall will be a memory, one I would be happy to not have logged in my memory bank.

And to think...I was NOT going to write about my medical procedure...just TMI, I was thinking.

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