Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Young Women Personal Progress On Line

The LDS Young Women Personal Progress Website is up and running!!!!
How exciting to be able to track all of your progress on-line
(How brilliant to have the YW use the Computer for Personal Progress! After all, many of them are regularly connected to a Computer!)
Think about all the paper saved and lost books that will not be searched for!
Katherine and I are both working on Personal Progress together.
I LOVE this program!
Click here to get started!!!
Interesting timing, my friend Laurel! And not an accident, I know!
Her book (below) is now available HERE.
I can't wait until my  our copy arrives
(I need do to share it with Katherine and Megan!)
Laurel was meant to write this at this time in history. Thank you for being a willing vessel!

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Laurel said...

i'm so behind on my google reader. thanks for this. the book made it's way in the mail this morning...on my way to the airport.