Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend In The Rear View Mirror

I love hosting Garage Sales like I love Root Canal Surgery...NOT!
However, yesterday was one of our quarterly neighborhood Garage Sale dates and I participated! This Garage Sale had a opportunity for Megan to earn money for her Safety Patrol Trip to Washington DC and her Key West Marine Lab Trip.

Generally, I zip straight to Goodwill when I have a bag of "giveaways", but when I know a Garage Sale date is approaching, the "stuff" just adds up quickly and before I know it, there is a pile of great "stuff".
Yesterday, that "stuff" helped Megan make almost half the money needed for her trips! We sold so much STUFF. 

It was totally sad to sell so many of the "matchy-matchy" dresses from days gone by, but it made my heart happy to see the delighted girls and moms when they actually found MATCHING Christmas Dresses at a Garage Sale!

For whatever reason, the crowd was relatively tame, so not too many crazy stories to tell, however, it was UNNERVING at 6:30AM when Riley started to growl and I saw A PERSON standing on my front porch, peering in my glass front doors! (I dont know how they got in the gate that early-but they were scoping out the Garage Sale scene a the crack of dawn) When the "peeper" realized that Riley was going to eat them and I was going to call the police, they were gone!

As soon as the Garage Sale was cleaned up, Ron and I had to start running girls all over the place. They had parties to help set up and parties to attend.
I managed to get in a trip to Whole Foods and Publix while Ron was making a party drop off in Boca Raton.
Ron and I were supposed to go to a Costume Party later that evening, but guess what...the parent Taxi Service made sure we did not get to attend a party with our own adult friends. Mmmmmmmm and I even had my costume planned.

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