Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Trek

Our Annual Trek To Visit Santa
Driving to The Gardens Mall is totally worth the extra miles and effort.
It is a beautiful setting.
I have always said that if there is a "Real Santa", here he is.
 Even though the Santa magic is "out of the bag" the girls loved visiting him and keeping the spirit of giving and serving others alive during the Christmas season.
Ron managed to arrive literally in the "nick" of time. For some reason, there was a delay for us to have our turn to see Santa. We stood as first in line for about 5 minutes. Most people would have been irritated. I was grateful! It allowed time for Ron to find a parking space and get inside. I was standing there having thoughts of telling the people behind me to go ahead and see Santa before us because I did not want to have Ron miss the Santa visit. Mrs Claus told us it was our turn and just then, I looked up and there was Ron. 
 The sleigh in the background is the one Santa used to sit in while visiting with children. 
Since the mall was re-modeled, the staging area is too small for his sleigh.
Here is Katherine outside The Betsy Johnson Store. This store is totally "Katherine" We could have oohed and awed for much longer, but we had Ron with us and this was clearly not his idea of a fun store.
I managed to snap this shot before the mall security told me I could not take photos in front of stores. Mmmmm

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Carol said...

It was fun to see your beautiful girls at the Gardens Mall--almost makes me miss Florida--but not quite. I'm enjoying the snow up here in Seattle and the opportunity for both Steve and I to be Temple Workers at the Seattle Temple