Monday, January 24, 2011

The Parable of Sears, My Phone, and a Miracle

I can count on one hand (maybe two) how many times I have actually made a purchase at Sears during my entire life. Not because I don't like Sears, but because I was raised in  JCPenney household all the way. My dad worked for JCPenney and if it wasn't on sale at JCPenney, with my dad's discount, we didn't buy it. JCPenney is part of my DNA and Sears has just never been on my shopping radar.
Once in awhile, though, I walk through Sears and my recent trip to Sears will be ever in my memory.
While in Tampa at the All State Music Convention, Katherine and I went out for a nice dinner at Seasons 52 on Friday night. We finished in time to go visit the mall that was in the same parking lot as the restaurant. We parked near Sears and entered the mall via Sears. After some shopping and looking around, we went back to Sears where we used the Rest Room, bought some earrings, and returned to our hotel.
It was a FREEZING (for Florida) COLD night and we planned to change into warm comfy clothes and watch a movie.
Just as I got into my PJ's, I realized that I could not find my phone....
Katherine was still dressed, so I asked her to go back to the car and get my phone.
We were on the 5th floor of the hotel all the way at the end of a long hallway. Just getting to and from and up and down the elevator took some time. 
I watched her from my window as she searched the car for my phone.
Soon she returned to our room and announced that the phone was not in the car.
I told her to take HER phone back to the car and call my phone while she was sitting in the car.
So off she went with her phone.
Moments after she left, I got a STRONG FEELING (read..prompting from The Holy Ghost) that I should not send Katherine on this mission alone.
At first, I tried to ignore that feeling. There I was in my comfy PJ's on a VERY COLD night up on the 5th floor of the hotel at the end of a very long hall way. It was close to 9pm and I was also tired.
Without much more thought, that feeling came even STRONGER and I did not hesitate to through on some clothes and dash (RUN) down that long hallway to the elevator.
I got downstairs and noted that there was a group outside the door that had not been there when we went in. From first glance, I made the assessment that this group could harm Katherine and that she was not safe to go alone.
I met Katherine who was just heading out the door to the car.
We got to the car and called my phone....NO SOUND...NO RINGING anywhere.
Oh No....
We texted my phone...We called my phone again and again.
Finally, Katherine called again and a VOICE answered the phone.
She could not understand the person on the other end and handed the phone to me.
"HELLO? Who is this?" I asked.
"I-AM-SEARS-EMPLOYEE" said the voice on the other end in VERY broken English.
I told him I would be right over to pick up my phone.
I explained that I was very close by and from out of town and I NEEDED my phone TONIGHT.
(All I could think of was what if a DISHONEST person has my phone. There was information I needed for Katherine's performance the next morning, etc.)
He told be to come right now to Package Pick Up and my phone would be there.
Without hesitation, I turned on the car and off we went.
Sears was 2 minutes away from our Hotel and I made it to Package Pick Up before he even arrived from upstairs with my phone.
It was 9:16 PM when my phone was returned safely to my hands by the honest Sears Employee.
I thanked him and off we went back to our Hotel. Just like that- we had been blessed with a modern day miracle.
Katherine and I both thanked the Lord for protecting us at so many levels... Her safety, the information on my phone, etc.
I was reminded of Sister Kristen Oakes who taught that when we worthily partake of the Sacrament on Sunday, we can and should call upon the Lord for protection and guidance throughout the week. He will bless us beyond any thing we can imagine.
I refer to this as The Parable of Sears, My Phone, and a Miracle.
We live amongst miracles every day.

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