Saturday, February 5, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever

We spent the morning picking strawberries at 
Bedner Farms U-Pick in Boynton Beach.
In addition to our loads of PERFECT strawberries, 
we brought home some of the most wonderful fresh produce 
from the Bedner Farms Market.
There is so much to see and do and taste at Bedner Farms.
There is a BBQ Wagon, Fresh Lemonade, Strawberry Shortcake, 
Smoothies, Baked Goods, Soups, etc. 
It is a dream place to visit and eat lunch!
I LOVE Florida winters!!!!
We spent the afternoon making fresh strawberry pies and freezer jam.
The freezer jam was so easy, 
I hope I did everything right because it was just so simple.
I cannot believe I have never made Freezer Jam before.
 The U-Pick Customers (us) ride out to the fields with the most ripe strawberries on this little tram. I thought this sign was cute. Very few people obey it. We saw children covered in red strawberry juice who had obviously had the time of their life. Everything was so much fun. There are U-Pick fields for Tomatoes and Peppers, also.
 In the background, note the rows of Sugar Cane. Sugar Cane is planted around the other plants in hopes of protecting the crops from FREEZING. This year, the Sugar Cane worked over time! The crops are beautiful...the prices...not as beautiful ( I am sure you have noted this in your stores wherever you live)

 The Strawberries ARE as beautiful as they look with a taste to match.
 Here is the University of Florida Grad and Dad wearing his BYU Dad Hat. His diversity always creates interesting conversation. 
(You cant tell here, but he has lost 10 pounds  and counting!)
 Megan could LIVE in the Strawberry Fields.
 A day not soon forgotten
I will put up with the sticky, humid summers and an occasional Hurricane for any winter day in Florida! it is truly paradise! (Now watch us get a terrific job offer in Alaska!)
Any suggestions for recipes with STRAWBERRIES?
Do share.
Have you ever made Freezer Jam?
Watch for my Pie Recipe...oh so good.

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Jenni said...

freezer jam is the best...I can't believe you haven't made it before either..and hello?!!...chocolate covered strawberries??!!!