Sunday, June 19, 2011

South Florida Temple Groundbreaking

June 18, 2011
The Blessings of Heaven are being generously poured on South Florida
I feel it...I know it
Yesterday was the Groundbreaking Service for The South Florida Temple.
Just writing the above sentence gives me goosebumps and tears are flowing. I felt the power of the Lord embrace me as I listened to the remarks and counsel during the Groundbreaking Service. 
Elder and Sister Walter Gonzalez shared tender, yet powerful testimonies. I took notes and as I wrote, the spirit was teaching and assuring me of many truths I needed to be reminded of.

Many community and civic leaders were present at this beautiful service. Elder Burns expressions of gratitude to them were sincere and heartfelt. I appreciated the following statement he made:
We will be good neighbors now and when the Temple is completed. 
We will be a strength to the community.
Being a good neighbor is vital for every Latter-day Saint and so many do not recognize the strength and power they can bring. This is an area I need to stay focused on.

Some of the highlights of Elder Gonzalez'  remarks were:
  • Think of these 3 Verbs in relation to the South Florida Temple KEEP, HELP, SHARE
  • KEEP Your Word, whether written or verbal, always keep your word. No means No and Yes means Yes. As Latter-day Saints, we must always keep our word.
  • HELP others to "break ground" and make a new beginning in their lives.
  • HELP others to have an "awakening" to those things they need to be doing to feel the spirit. Think of those around us who need a spiritual awakening and make AN ALL OUT EFFORT to bring strength/awakening/revival to them. HELP them return to Christ.
  • HELP and strengthen others by your example
  • SHARE: Use the Temple to teach the gospel. 
  • Take the opportunity to SHARE the gospel by discussing the construction of the Temple.
  • Have  photo/artists' rendering of the Temple in your home.
Dedicatory Prayer:
  • The Land and Ground was dedicated as holy and sacred
  • The Land is protected
  • A prayer for good weather that will support the construction schedule
  • The Construction process was blessed to be smooth and timely
  • All workers were blessed to feel the power of the Lord as they build and work on all areas of the Temple
  • The Homes of the Saints will be blessed as we prepare to have the South Florida Temple in our midst.
The members were blessed to build our own spirituality as the temple is built.


ellen said...

That's really cool. I talked to Kim today and she was telling me about the groundbreaking. I'm excited that I'll be able to visit the Temple when I visit family in south Florida!

Laurel said...

just could NOT be happier for you and about this. Thanks for helping us feel like we were there.

(and can't wait to see your girls at RFG)