Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thank You Amazon

Yesterday, Katherine's Amazon KIndle went down.
Nothing but lines on the screen...Mid-sentence...there was no bringing it back. 
Panic and then...
Amazon  to the rescue!
This was a potentially NOT GOOD situation with the following in mind:
  1. She is a reading machine (thanks to Kindle)
  2. We are 1 week away from our month long vacation
  3. Today she is having her Wisdom Teeth removed--lots of down time during recovery aka-reading time.
Amazon turned this potentially not so good situation around and saved the panic-just Good news!!!!!
  1. Amazon stands behind their Kindle!
  2. One Phone Call and a new Kindle is in the mail (will arrive tomorrow)
  3. I received an email with a return shipping label for the broken Kindle
  4. They did not make me wait until they received the broken Kindle before shipping a replacement (Great Customer Service to recognize how frustrating it is to be without something that is used day in and day out)
  5. Their Customer Service was pleasant, efficient, empathetic, and FAST (no waiting on the phone and being transferred from person (or computer) to person)
Just another reason to love Kindle and purchase it directly from Amazon!!!!!!
I did my homework and chose Kindle over Nook and Sony E-reader. 
I made the right choice!!!!
Thank you, Amazon!

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heather said...

That is so awesome! Glad to see a company stand behind their products!! And good luck on the wisdom teeth too!