Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Off She Goes

High School is Officially Open!
The Oxbridge Academy of The Palm Beaches 
welcomed students to class this morning.
In addition to an incredible academic and extra-curricular experiences, 
each day, the following is included for students:
Bus Transportation
Meals are prepared and provided by an in-house chef and catering staff.
A few weeks ago, the students attended a food tasting and sampling day.
They voted on the types of meals and snacks they liked best.
the focus is on healthy, nutritious, whole foods.
 Before Seminary
 At the Bus Stop-which is located close to the Church.
Seminary is out by 6:50 and her bus leaves at 7am from the next intersection.
And the best news---this is Megan's Bus Stop, also!
She is off...and yes, I CRIED! 
Of course I is the first day of school!
I am getting better about being able to hold it until I am in the car alone. 
I keep my sunglasses on just in case I don't make it to the car. 
I am not the only one who cries...
When Megan got on the bus 2 weeks ago...I looked at the other moms and 

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Jenni said...

Cute skirt! I want one just like it.