Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Stars Were Aligned For Me Today

Yesterday, after spending hours on the phone with tech support regarding a computer glitch and trying everything that should correct the problem, I surrendered and made an appointment with an Apple Store Genius (I love that professional title)
First thing today, I was at the Genius Bar explaining my computer problem. It was a mail problem created by one AOL email I tried to send on August 13. It bounced back almost 4,000 times, yet did not show up until this weekend (another story). Turns out, this was the problem slowing my computer down, not the 23,000 photos stored in iphoto.
I was doing all the right things to fix the problem had it been on a smaller scale, but one of this magnitude took the expertise of a Genius. One hour later, I was back up and running on all cylinders.
The Geniuses at the Apple Genius Bar earn their title.
On the way home, I met some friends for lunch to catch up on life. It had been a long time since we chatted and filled in the blanks for each other.
It was so nice to be out and about with good company.
Shortly after lunch is when I knew the stars were aligned for me.
I got pulled over in a speed trap on Forest Hill Boulevard. I was going 53 in a 40. Oh MAAAAN, I thought!
The officer took my license, registration, and insurance card.
He asked me how long it had been since I last had a ticket. I told him I wasn't sure, but I thought it was about 2 years on the Turnpike.
He came back to my car and explained that yes, it had been 2 years and as best he could see, I was on the "two year plan" for getting tickets. In other words, I get a ticket about every 2 years (I don't think that is accurate, but I was not about to dispute it with him)
Then he asked me if I recognized him. I looked at his badge and said his name sounded familiar and he looked familiar. (which is true)
He said, you are  the PTA President at Binks Forest Elementary where my kids go to school. You work hard in the community. I told him that yes, I just completed my term as PTA President.
Then he made me want to cry with joy. You are not getting a ticket, only a warning. Thanks for all you do for the schools. Slow down and be safe, a lot of people love and respect  you!
And just like that, I thanked him, fastened my seat belt, put my car in drive, and headed home going 40 miles per hour and nothing more.

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Curt Hostetler said...

Proof of two things here:

1: AOL stinks
2: Andrew gets it from somewhere! Glad the stars aligned for you. :)