Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hard Choices

Yesterday, I was walking with my friend, Lois. 
As we walk, we talk and talk and talk (5 miles worth of talking!)
Near the end of our walk, she said to me, "I didn't think you had any problems. 
I thought your life was perfect."

Her comments reminded me of this post. All week I thought about bravery and many of the hard things I have faced in my life. I wanted to write about one of them and participate in this weekly post,  but had a difficult time deciding on just one experience to focus on.

As I continued to ponder bravery and doing hard things, I realized the past 2-3 years have been filled with difficult choices. In fact, I am in the middle of some very hard choices right now. Soon I can share the details of one of them.

An interesting aspect of hard choices is that when I am facing them, I don't always view them as hard or requiring bravery, I just plow through and do my best.  This is probably how the early LDS Pioneers would view the sacrifices they made as they crossed the plains of the USA. They did not wake up every day and say, today I am making a sacrifice or today I am doing something hard. They just woke up and faced the day ahead of them with bravery.

As my friend told me that she did not think I have any problems and that she thought my life was perfect, in my mind I was thinking, oh if you only knew...
I think that would be the reaction of each person...oh, if you only knew...
We continued walking and discussed how everyone has challenges and no one has a perfect life. Each of us bears our burdens in a different way, but the most important thing to remember about hard choices is that we don't have to make them alone.

I like this recent quote I came across:
Have you prayed about it 
as much as 
you have talked about it?

I know that prayer gives us strength and bravery as we face hard choices. Many times, prayer turns the hard choices in to easy choices.

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