Saturday, November 5, 2011


Katherine was "kidnapped" this morning and I did not even call the police!
At 6:45 am, her Young Women President entered our house and headed to Katherine's bedroom where she was fast asleep. Immediately, she started ringing a bell and stirring Katherine to wake up. She read a cute poem and crowned "Princess Katherine" as she told her she had 1 minute to get ready and go. It was the first cold morning we have had this season which meant...bundle up! I am not sure if Katherine was even awake once she was dressed and downstairs, but they made it out the door.**
Once she was in the car, they went to wake up another girl and another. Then each girl was blindfolded as they drove their surprise destination...Breakfast at Denny's
Why all the fuss early on Saturday morning???? It was a reward for reading The Book of Mormon cover to cover by November 1 as challenged by the Young Women Leaders in our Ward. Only a few girls in the Ward actually met this challenge. Congratulations to Katherine and Thank You to her Young Women Leaders.

**And after they left???? We put all the tables (see background in photo) out in our driveway for the neighborhood Garage Sale. Yikes! I have such a love/hate relationship with hosting Garage Sales. The wad of $$ at the end makes up for the headache of preparation and early Saturday morning push. It was a very successful day!

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