Monday, December 26, 2011


Five years ago, my wedding rings were stolen...long story, but it was very sad for me. Over the years, I have not been too excited about getting new rings. I have tried various styles, cuts, settings, etc. and have never found a ring that makes me say, this is the one. I just wanted my original rings. They were beautiful and sentimental to me. Ron picked them out for me and I loved them the moment I saw them. My original rings featured a marquis diamond with two diamond studded wedding bands. 
Yesterday, on Christmas, Ron surprised me with new rings that he picked out. I love them because he took the time to pick out just the right rings and because they are beautiful.
They are very similar to my original rings-only larger and a few more diamonds.
Here is a photo of my new rings. My ring is 2 carats, which is larger than the one in this photo. 
We took the rings to get sized today and I am so excited for them to come back so I can wear them!!!!!!

This was a Christmas of surprising each other. I pulled off the best Christmas surprise for Ron I have been able to do in years. I saved all year and had enough to buy him a LARGE flat screen TV. I had a mug up on a high shelf in my kitchen cabinet that I kept putting money in. By October, I had over $1,000. I bought a large TV and a console to place the TV on and still have $$ left. 
Today we decided to upgrade to a larger TV and a different console. Wooo hooo. The New Years Day Bowl games will be better than ever. I loved being able to buy a gift for Ron without him knowing and without him receiving a bill for it. Cash and a big surprise!!!!!
Merry Merry Christmas!!

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john said...

only improvement needed was to be able to watch the Gators in a bowl game (preferably in New Orleans) on that new TV!!!!