Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday is a Crazy Day

My love-hate relationship continues with Garage Sales.
Yesterday was our quarterly neighborhood Garage Sale. The timing was perfect as I have been in the middle of purging closets and drawers.
We had a lot of stuff  junk to sell, nothing big, but lots of little items.
You know what is awkward?
When your OB/GYN (who lives around the corner) stops by your garage sale and you have an appointment with him for your annual physical in 2 days. Just saying.

Our sale ended at 11 so we could clean up the mess, shower, and get out the door for a matinee performance of Les Miserables at The Kings Academy. Fabulous performance. Broadway has nothing on was that top notch.

After Les Miserables, we drove Katherine up to Palm Beach Gardens so she could spend the remainder of the day with her friend from school. When my children don't attend local schools, their friends live all over Palm Beach County so it is not a quick drive to drop them at a friend's house. The same is true with Megan...her friends are everywhere except Wellington. Curt had friends out in Pahokee (West of Belle Glade) when he attended Dreyfoos.

Megan was at the Knurr's house (had been there since Friday night so she missed the Garage Sale fun) so Ron and I actually worked in a dinner date before it was time to pick everyone up.

Friday night was packed full, so we went into Saturday already crazy. All this caught up to me late last night and I stayed in bed most of the day today recovering. I am back up and at it...Time for a new week...more cleaning...preparation for my trip to Utah...and oh, the visit to my Doctor.

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