Thursday, April 12, 2012

Surge and Purge

I am in the middle of a "Post Campaign" power surge. My house is receiving a deeper clean than it has experienced in a very long time. I mean....DEEP...inside the drawers and closets. Every day there is a new pile to sort through and box up. Surge of power = lots of purging
The timing of this surge could not be better...this Saturday is our neighborhood garage sale (1 of 4 per year). I don't have many large items, but I have lots and lots of small items.
Although I won't get through every inch of the house before Saturday, I have made great progress toward our eventual goal of selling this house and downsizing.

And P.S.  Every day, there is a reminder of how blessed I am to have the election turn out the way it did. Losing was winning, indeed. The Lord is in charge, of this I know.

And another P.S. Less than 2 weeks and I will be at BYU Women's Conference. My annual pilgrimage to "Mecca" as my non-LDS friends say. (Glad I bought a plane ticket a long time ago...they are darn expensive right now. Trying to find tickets for summer puts me in sticker shock)

Back to the sorting and purging...while the surge pushes me along.

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