Thursday, May 24, 2012

Getting Closer

Our house is almost ready to show.
I keep saying that we are living the way we should always live. The upstairs is ready for photos and showing off.
Downstairs is still a "collecting area" for things to go to storage or things to sell.
I am sooooo hoping my neighborhood will allow a garage sale in June.
We are getting rid of so much that it makes sense (and cents) to sell most of it rather than just give it away.
If they won't allow a sale here in the neighborhood, I'll have to beg a friend's driveway.
Every day, I clean, pack, sort, organize, purge, it feels so good.
As a room is ready, I take pictures of it for the on-line posting we will do after this weekend.
I'll share photos here

And where are we moving to? I wish I knew...I wish I had a huge announcement.
Real Estate in Palm Beach County is booming for sellers and buyers.
It is a perfect time for us to sell, but we are finding that buying is very competitive.
Guess I should get my Real Estate License sooner than later.

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