Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Love To See The Temple

The Orlando Temple
Today was Megan's first time to perform Baptisms for The Dead
In spite of my preparing her for this experience, she was nervous before
we went inside and it shows in this photo...
Her fears were quickly calmed and she enjoyed her first temple experience.

We went with an AMAZING group of youth. 
The youth were all in a 15 passenger van with the Bishop
and the other adults caravanned up in cars. 
 Many of the youth had end of the school year commitments, 
however, the small size did not mean small in spirit.
There was only 1 Young Woman/Man who was attending the temple for the first time...Megan.
There were 5 adults attending the temple for the first time. One of the adults was baptized last Sunday and within the week, her Ward family had her at the temple performing Baptisms and Confirmations.
It was such a great experience to get to know these people.
I told the kids to make a pose that says "I love the temple"
This is what I got....
 Very fun kids...
A day at the temple was worth a day of not packing, cleaning, and going to our storage unit.

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